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  1. Believes the Bible is true            

  2. Knows Compass DNA and believes in it                  

  3. Actively engaged in leadership

  4. Hungry to lead, not to get paid.                  

  5. Has a sense of humility about their role in the Kingdom and is aware of the cost involved

  6. 2-3 hours of learning/writing per week

  7. 3-5 hours of volunteering under direction of a Pastor or Director

  8. Water baptized believer

  9. Interaction with Staff Supervisor and/or the Compass Academy Facilitator

  10. Periodical Assessments (tests of knowledge comprehension and retention)

  11. Accountability (good grades are expected from all Staff and Scholarship Students)

  12. Adheres to Compass Statement of Faith

You will benefit from this program, to the degree to which you actively engage (mentally, spiritually, emotionally and behaviourally) with the material and resources we provide. We will do our part to provide you with Holy spirit led, quality teaching and guidance. It is up to you, how well you take ownership of this opportunity, and immerse yourself in the prayerful study and application of the material in order to become a better leader.

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